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Thought provoking article from iA (creators of the webtrends maps) called “Can experience be designed”. Some exerpts from the article I liked: “Experience design is not a remedy that turns products into miracles that everybody likes. It will help you speaking more efficiently to your target group. To that end products needs to be simplified. […]

Great preso acknowledging the important of CONTEXT to usability and the inter-dependencies between online services and different devices….the web is everywhere and we need to design with this in mind. And when designing we can not for one moment forget to consider the who? and the where? And not forgetting the social context of use […]

There is an article from Business Week: Apple’s design process about a presentation given at SXSW by Michael Lopp, senior engineering manage from Apple about their internal design process. I liked the idea about paired meetings where each week they have 2 meetings. – One is a free for all – a meeting to innovate […]

Usability – what is it and why is it important? Presentation about usability and why it’s important. I have been doing  fair amount of usability and interaction design work lately… Get in touch if you need some help with sorting out the usability of your site 🙂

In 1998, Pine and Gilmore in the Harvard Business Review wrote an article called “Welcome to the experience economy” where they explain that companies need to shift focus from the provision of merely goods and services to the provision of consumers with experiences. They later wrote a book about the subject called:“The experience economy: work […]