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As part of a recent work assignment I was asked to do some contextual enquiry (interviews with stake-holders with-in their work environments) and was able to talk my client into letting me run some group co-design workshops instead. The project was to produce a high level design for an online portal for financial planners to […]

Below you will find a talk I gave at a recent conference/bar camp at It explains what co-design and human centred design is and shows some examples of how it has been used to shape public services in the UK. Human Centred Design, Codesign and Government from jax wechsler

I have been attending PDC 2010 the last few days i.e. a conference about participatory design in Sydney. It has been very interesting so far…both the lectures as well as the hall way conversations between a well represented international audience. I wanted to post about a workshop I did about innovative participatory design practices held […]

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Expanding upon my last post about the initiative by EU governments to encourage design driven innovation within the EU, I found some videos explaining what co-design is from UK service design agencies Think Public and Engine. This last post had many examples of this drive within UK and both these videos discuss Service Design work they […]

Participatory Design (PD) has it’s beginnings in Scandinavia in the 70’s where there was a movement by academics and trade unionists to involve users in the design of the applications that were being designed to assist their work. It aimed to prevent workers from being dis-empowered by the tools and computer technologies imposed on them […]