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Using Scenarios


Some thinking about scenarios…. It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story – Native American saying, tribe unknown A scenario is a description of a persona using a product to achieve a goal, they describe an instance of use…in context. Scenarios are usually narratives that tell a story describing one or more tasks […]

Excellent presentation about the value of user experience design and at what points it should be brought into the process. I have just sent it to some internal stakeholders from work who have project management responsibilities. If we are to provide better experience for our customers….education is key.

I am undertaking a masters by research in user experience design (IT/HCI) looking at the role design artifacts can play within UXD. (Hence my infrequent blogging these days.) Here is a little presentation I prepared for one of my research preparation classes. Please leave me a comment if you like it. 🙂

I recently read a fantastic post by Penny Hagen and Michelle Gilmore about utilising user stories as a strategic design tool. I currently work for a small digital consultancy within a not-for-profit organisation called the Inspire Foundation. As mentioned within the post, we have had the opportunity to work with Penny on some of our […]

Excellent presentation by TBWA which discusses their approach to marketing and advertising, “an approach that shifts communication from brand-centric to audience-centric thinking“. I have become very interested in user-centered design practices and strongly believe that humans need to be at the center of all marketing and all new product and service design and delivery. It’s […]

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