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I recently had an article published in the Fall issue of  MISC Magazine | The Simplicity Issue called Delivering Simplicity: Organizational Contexts and Service Design

I had an article published in the DMI Review recently about the importance of using frameworks within complex design projects. The paper is related to the work I have been doing for my masters thesis. It’s a practice-based research project about my use of artefacts within a commercial human centred design project. The article is […]

I feel very fortunate about attending a 3 day workshop with Marc Stickdorn co-author of  This is Service Design Thinking over the last few days. It was organised by UNSW and consisted of a really interesting mix of people from diverse backgrounds including students, academics, professionals and UX/Service Design practitioners. A note to the Service Design […]

Below you will find a talk I gave at a recent conference/bar camp at It explains what co-design and human centred design is and shows some examples of how it has been used to shape public services in the UK. Human Centred Design, Codesign and Government from jax wechsler

I was fortunate to attend the Service Design Network conference  in Paris last month. You can view the talks at this URL: Whilst many of the talks were excellent, below are a few brief notes about my three favourites which you should check out. I would highly recommend the talk by Craig La Rosa […]

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Expanding upon my last post about the initiative by EU governments to encourage design driven innovation within the EU, I found some videos explaining what co-design is from UK service design agencies Think Public and Engine. This last post had many examples of this drive within UK and both these videos discuss Service Design work they […]